Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, clogged sewer lines can spell disaster for your property.

Our team at Peak Sewer is dedicated to ensuring your sewer lines stay clean and clear, which is why we offer drain steaming cleaning to get the job done.

Keep reading to learn more about this amazing drain-cleaning method:

Can Steam Really Unclog Drains?

It certainly can!

Steam drain cleaning is a method that can be used to clear out stubborn clogs. It uses high-pressure hot water and steam to bust through debris and blockages.

Because of the high temperature, even tough grease doesn’t stand a chance!

And not only does drain steam cleaning remove clogs, grease, and debris, but it will also eliminate unpleasant odors and larger debris such as tree roots. 

Steam cleaning can be highly beneficial in a number of different situations, including:

  • Removing grease and oil from drains
  • Thawing pipes and valves
  • Frozen parking lot drainage
  • Storm pipe and sewer clearing
  • Sanitation and storm line flushing
  • Culvert cleaning

This non-toxic drain cleaning method is highly effective for clearing drains and doesn’t rely on corrosive chemicals to break down debris and dirt.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Steam Cleaning a Drain?

There are a couple of disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to commercial drain cleaning using steam.

Drain steam cleaning can damage old pipes. Frail pipes are susceptible to breaking, and the pressure from steam cleaning can cause damage.

Before a professional begins commercial drain cleaning services using steam, make sure they do a camera inspection to inspect the condition of the pipes.

At Peak Sewer, we offer sewer camera inspection services that provide our customers with accurate and detailed information before commencing any drain cleaning procedures.

Another disadvantage of drain steam cleaning is the high use of water. Because this method doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it relies on pressurized water, which can be detrimental if your area is experiencing a drought.

Is Steam Cleaning Good for Home Drains or Just Commercial?

plumbing technician unclogs toilet

Steam cleaning is the preferred commercial drain cleaning method for buildings with main lines and pipes that run from one area to another (such as kitchen to kitchen in an apartment complex).

That being said, steam cleaning can also be used for residential buildings as well.

Even though the extended reach and pressure of steam cleaning are perfectly suited for commercial applications, homeowners can also rely on this service to address stubborn clogs and debris in their home’s drains and pipes.

Ultimately, steam cleaning is an advantageous drain cleaning service for homes and businesses!

I Have a Steamer! Can I Do This Myself?

Unfortunately, steam cleaning is not a DIY project.

Experienced professionals have the equipment, knowledge, and training necessary to properly steam clean drains and pipes without damaging them.

For instance, as mentioned above, professionals can conduct camera inspections before steam cleaning.

Not only does this confirm the condition of the pipes, but it also allows them to determine if the pipe is clogged or collapsed.

However, drain snaking is definitely a DIY fix you can try for clogged pipes.

This method uses an auger that is fed through the drain until it reaches the clog, where it can either grab the debris or push through it.

While snaking is only effective for small clogs, it’s definitely worth a try before calling in the professionals!

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