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Drain Steam Cleaning Edmonton

Peak Sewer & Underground Services offers 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services to handle all drain and sewer-related issues.

Our high-quality professional services ensure that your sewage and drain needs are taken care of immediately.

You don’t want to wait when you have a serious drainage problem on your hands!

As part of our drain cleaning services in Edmonton, we offer sewer flushing and steaming to handle even the toughest clogs.

Drain Steam Cleaning Edmonton

Every day, materials flow through your drains that can lead to pesky clogs and blockages, such as soap residue, grease, oil, hair, and other products.

Over time, these materials will form deposits in the pipes, and if they are not regularly removed, will eventually create a blockage, and water will no longer be able to drain away.

While you can grab a bottle of chemicals to alleviate clogs and buildup, these types of cleaners can damage your plumbing and may not effectively clear away the entire blockage – leading to more clogs and issues.

So what do you do?

Consider drain steam cleaning services!

Steam drain cleaning is a method we use for stubborn clogs that utilizes high-pressure hot water and steam to power through clogs and other debris that may be blocking your drains.

This method of drain cleaning works by breaking up clogs and busting up tough grease.

At Peak Sewer & Underground Services, we have three steam trucks that are equipped to handle any drain issue, from steaming kitchen stacks in high rises and walk-ups to residential kitchen lines.

So whether you are dealing with drainage issues in sewer mainlines, commercial complexes, or residential houses, we have you covered!

How Does Drain Flushing Work?

When it comes to steaming kitchen stacks, which are the pipes that run within a building from one kitchen to another, we are actually liquifying hard grease and flushing it all away.

For mainlines, if there are sags or buildups in the line, steaming will flush away the debris by using pressures as high as 3000 psi.

Drain steam cleaning is more effective than augering since snaking will only punch a hole through the debris. This small hole will quickly clog and cause a backup.

Steam drain cleaning ensures that all debris is flushed and removed without worrying about it happening again!

When Is Steam Used in Drain Cleaning?

Wintertime is a notoriously difficult time for pipes and drains, as storm lines can freeze over and become blocked with ice – especially when it comes to sewer lines for mobile homes or commercial storm catch basins in parking lots.

In these cases, stream drain cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning blockages due to its use of hot water and high pressure.

But the use of this method isn’t reserved only for colder weather!

If you notice odd smells coming from your drain or that your plumbing isn’t draining properly, steam drain cleaning is essential to maintaining your plumbing system.

Here are some other situations in which drain steam cleaning is highly beneficial:

  • Thawing pipes and valves
  • Frozen parking lot drainage
  • Storm pipe and sewer clearing
  • Removing grease and oil from drains
  • Sanitation and storm line flushing
  • Sewer Flushing
  • Culvert cleaning

Drain steam cleaning is a non-toxic and highly effective method for clearing drains and pipes that does not require the use of corrosive chemicals to break down dirt and debris.

24/7 Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Our team at Peak Sewer & Underground Services is dedicated to offering immediate response times and professional solutions.

If you are experiencing drainage or sewer problems, don’t wait!

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