Hydrovac trucks offer a modern way of digging trenches, holes, and more, utilizing high pressure water to power through dirt and other materials. This non-destructive digging method requires less manpower and takes less time than traditional digging or excavation methods.

With this in mind, hydrovac trucks can be used for all kinds of digging needs. Here are a few very specific reasons you may want to consider a using a hydrovac to complete your next project:

When to Use A Hydrovac Truck

1. Digging Around Utility Lines

Conventional digging equipment can potentially hit buried power lines. Hydrovac trucks can excavate around power lines without the risk of damage or injury.

Hydrovac trucks are also used to perform “daylighting”, a process that involves digging in order to expose and locate underground utilities.

2. Removing Debris

Hydrovac trucks can not only dig, but they can remove debris as well through a combination of pressurized water and a strong vacuum.This equipment is capable of removing wet and dry materials such as hard soil, sludge or spills.

Because hydrovac trucks can access hard-to-reach places, they can remove debris from underground tanks as well as deep and narrow trenches or pits and sewage systems.

3. Digging Pile Holes

Pile holes are used to provide structural support foundations for structures such as utility poles, sign pots and traffic lights. Pile holes may also be necessary for removing poles and posts.

Hydrovac trucks utilize precision to dig holes of various diameters and depths. This equipment can dig holes in a variety of sizes specific to what is being placed inside the pile hole.

4. In Cold Weather

Hydrovac trucks can excavate during cold and freezing weather conditions. This means that even if the ground is frozen, they can dig and remove dirt and debris by using heated water to break up frozen soil. This ability ensures that you can keep your project going even through the wintertime.

Because hydrovac trucks use heated water, they are also useful in thawing out frozen lines, fire hydrants and construction equipment.

5. Digging Trenches

A trench is an excavation in which the depth of the hole exceeds the width and is used to safely bury utilities, piping or materials that span a distance between two objects. Hydrovac trucks, as mentioned before, can do this with unique precision.

They can also complete the task without damage the area around the trench. Using a hydrovac truck also prevents any ground surrounding the trench to shift or sink.

6. Digging In Tight Spaces

Traditional equipment uses large and heavy components to dig. Hydrovac trucks are designed with a boom piece that can control the height and depth of the dig while allowing access to tight spaces.

Peak Sewers owns and operates a hydrovac trailer that is perfect for tight spots where large trucks won’t fit or for areas where equipment weight is an issue. This allows us to expand our hydrovac services to any area that requires digging.

Ready to Hire a Hydrovac Truck?

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If you are ready to hire a hydrovac truck for your next project, feel free to contact us today! Our expert technicians are more than happy to help you out.

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