Clogged drains are a fact of life when it comes to the utilization of modern plumbing. While it may seem tempting to correct your drainage issues yourself in order to save money, oftentimes DIY attempts may cause more problems than they were meant to fix. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away either. Not addressing drainage issues can lead to expensive issues further down the road.

While do-it-yourself approaches can resolve smaller drainage issues, sometimes you just need to call in the professionals to ensure that the job is done properly the first time around.

Here are some situations where it is recommended that you contact a professional drain cleaner:

When Home Remedies and DIY Fixes Don’t Work

Home remedies and DIY fixes are appropriate for smaller and weaker clogs but are often not strong enough to clear tough blockages. Most do-it-yourself drain cleaners, such as the popular baking soda and vinegar combination, require the use of very hot water. While sometimes effective against clogs, you need to be careful – hot water can damage PVC pipes.

When home remedies for clogs and blockages do not work, it’s time to call in a professional plumber.

When You Need the Right Tools

Most homeowners don’t own more than a plunger and a wrench when it comes to plumbing tools. Basic repairs can be carried out with these items but sometimes the issues requires special equipment.

Drain cleaning professionals have access to more specialized tools such as:

Not only do we have the tools, but we also have the know-how to help you clear out stubborn clogs and blockages.

When Store Bought Chemicals Don’t Work

Many store bought chemicals are ineffective against tough clogs. Even if they do break through, they don’t tend to clear the blockage completely. The issue usually returns.

Chemical drain cleaners are recommended as a last resort – even professional plumbers don’t rely on them right away. They need to be used carefully and pose significant health risks if handled improperly or ingested by children or pets.

When There’s a Bigger Problem

A drain clog could be a symptom of a larger issue such as a blocked sewer line. If you are experiencing simultaneous clogs or backed up drains in low-lying areas of your home, turn off any running water and the water supply to your home before calling a professional plumber.

When You Don’t Know What’s Down There

No two clogs are alike – some are caused by the buildup of hair and others by stuck food and cooking grease. More often than not, you don’t know what is clogging your drain. This makes it difficult to determine how to approach the blockage. The cause of the clog is what determines the best method for getting rid of it.

Sometimes, however, you know exactly what’s down there and you want it back. Jewelry, such as wedding bands, are lost down the drains more often than you would think. No matter the cause of the clog, or the valuables lost down the drain, a professional plumber can use special snaking tools with cameras to assess the situation or locate lost items.

Call in the Professionals

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