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Why You Should Check Your Building’s Water After a Prolonged Closure

Posted by Peak Sewer on July 1, 2021

Whether your building was shut down due to COVID-19 or a seasonal closure, it’s important to take precautionary steps when reopening. This includes flushing your plumbing fixtures before resuming normal operations to ensure good water quality in your building. When water is not moving through a plumbing system over an…Read More Here!

The First Steps You Should Take if Your Basement has Flooded

Posted by Peak Sewer on April 15, 2021

Basement floods are a common occurrence in Edmonton and can happen at any time. They can cause chaos and devastation in your home. Aside from making your basement unusable, a flood can ruin your belongings and create serious health and safety hazards. No matter what causes water to back up…Read More Here!

Plumbing Considerations for Older Homes

Posted by Peak Sewer on March 8, 2021

Are you looking to buy an older home? Do you already own one? Old houses can lead to a vast array of problems, including costly plumbing issues. The problem is, many plumbing issues can exist silently for many years. Pipes made of old materials and in dire condition may not…Read More Here!

What Products Are Safe to Clean Your Drain?

Posted by Peak Sewer on February 8, 2021

Is drain cleaner that bad? When it comes to clearing out a clogged drain, you want to find a solution that is safe and effective. As easy as it is to run to a nearby store to grab a commercial drain cleaner, you may want to rethink that option. Drain…Read More Here!

Preventing Septic Issues During the Winter

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 8, 2021

While you are cozied up inside your home, staying warm during Edmonton’s frigid winter months, your septic system may struggle against the brunt of subzero temperatures. Septic systems are designed to be robust but without preventative measures and maintenance, they could be affected by freezing temperatures. By protecting your system,…Read More Here!