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The 6 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Posted by Peak Sewer on March 12, 2022

When faced with sewer line repair work, you’re probably imagining a massive mess caused by invasive digging. Who wants to deal with that? Believe it or not, there’s a better solution than tearing up your lawn! Keep reading to learn more about trenchless sewer repair and the advantages of choosing…Read More Here!

What Causes a Sewer to Backup? (And How to Prevent It!)

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 12, 2022

Sewer backups in your home can require costly and time-consuming repairs.  In order to understand how to prevent this serious issue, it helps to know what causes a sewer to back up. Here are 7 common causes as well as tips as to how you can prevent a backup from…Read More Here!

How to Troubleshoot a Clogged Septic Line

Posted by Peak Sewer on October 24, 2021

Your septic tank is an underground holding tank that collects all wastewater from your home. There is a pipe at the top of the tank that drains the wastewater into a drainfield in your yard when the septic tank gets full. If the pipe leading to the drainfield becomes clogged,…Read More Here!

How to Dispose of Fats and Grease in the City of Edmonton

Posted by Peak Sewer on September 1, 2021

You’ve probably been told many times that it’s hazardous to your pipes if you pour cooking fat and grease down the sink drain, but how many times have you been tempted to dump the bacon fat from your frying pan into the sink instead of disposing of it properly? This…Read More Here!