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6 Signs of Septic System Problems

Posted by Peak Sewer on July 13, 2020

Your septic system is a well-designed system that ensures wastewater from your home is disposed of safely and efficiently. However, like any aspect of your home’s function, there is potential for components to become damaged and malfunction. How will you know if you have a septic system problem? Here are…Read More Here!

Why is My Basement Drain Backing Up?

Posted by Peak Sewer on February 28, 2020

Figuring out why your basement draining is backing up takes a lot of guesswork since the root causes are usually located in the deep dark recesses of your drain lines. Simple do-it-yourself cleaning and repairs may alleviate minor issues but more serious problems need proper inspection and repair. The following…Read More Here!

Who is Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs?

Posted by Peak Sewer on February 15, 2020

When your home plumbing system connects with a municipal sewage system, confusion can arise as to who is responsible for what part of the system. The sewage line is part of the system that carries wastewater from your home, through plumbing to the city’s treatment plant. Part of that system…Read More Here!

When to Hire a Hydrovac Truck

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 31, 2020

Hydrovac trucks offer a modern way of digging trenches, holes, and more, utilizing high pressure water to power through dirt and other materials. This non-destructive digging method requires less manpower and takes less time than traditional digging or excavation methods. With this in mind, hydrovac trucks can be used for…Read More Here!

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 15, 2020

If you live in a rural area, it’s likely that you rely on a septic system for your household’s wastewater instead of a municipal sewer system. A septic system works by taking your wastewater from your home, allowing solids to settle on the bottom and grease to float to the…Read More Here!