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Who is Responsible for Sewer Line Repairs?

Posted by Peak Sewer on February 15, 2020

When your home plumbing system connects with a municipal sewage system, confusion can arise as to who is responsible for what part of the system. The sewage line is part of the system that carries wastewater from your home, through plumbing to the city’s treatment plant. Part of that system…Read More Here!

How to Prevent Your Home’s Sewer Line From Freezing

Posted by Peak Sewer on December 15, 2019

Edmonton’s freezing winter months can wreak havoc on your house and your home’s sewer lines are no exception. Often overlooked when preparing your home for winter, a frozen sewer line can cause a lot of damage and stress. Read more to learn about the signs of a frozen sewer line…Read More Here!

Signs of a Broken Sewer Line

Posted by Peak Sewer on October 15, 2019

Being a homeowner means having to deal with all aspects of a house’s structure – especially the plumbing. It is all too easy to pay more attention to what we can see than what exists behind walls and underground. However, ignoring your sewer line’s health can have expensive consequences. Being…Read More Here!

The Most Common Causes of Sewer Backups in Edmonton

Posted by Peak Sewer on September 3, 2019

Sewer backups are a serious plumbing issue and can require costly and time-consuming repairs. If you’re worried about a potential backup in your home, here are the signs to look for and common reasons why a sewer backup may occur. What Are Sewer Backups? Sewer backups occur when an item…Read More Here!