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Switching from a Septic System to a Sewer System in Alberta

Posted by Peak Sewer on June 5, 2022

While both septic systems and sewer systems remove wastewater from your home, a septic system treats the wastewater under your property while a sewer system routes it underground to a treatment plant. In many municipalities that are connected to sewer systems, some homes remain on a septic system. If this…Read More Here!

What Causes a Sewer to Backup? (And How to Prevent It!)

Posted by Peak Sewer on January 12, 2022

Sewer backups in your home can require costly and time-consuming repairs.  In order to understand how to prevent this serious issue, it helps to know what causes a sewer to back up. Here are 7 common causes as well as tips as to how you can prevent a backup from…Read More Here!

Who Replaces a Damaged Sewer Line: The Homeowner or the City?

Posted by Peak Sewer on August 1, 2021

When a sewer line breaks near your home, you may be tempted to assume that the city is responsible for the repair. This is not, however, always the case so it’s important to understand who replaces a sewer line when it becomes damaged. Keep reading to find out more about…Read More Here!

Plumbing Considerations for Older Homes

Posted by Peak Sewer on March 8, 2021

Are you looking to buy an older home? Do you already own one? Old houses can lead to a vast array of problems, including costly plumbing issues. The problem is, many plumbing issues can exist silently for many years. Pipes made of old materials and in dire condition may not…Read More Here!

What is a Backwater Valve and Do I Need One?

Posted by Peak Sewer on August 13, 2020

Within the structure of your home lies a complicated pattern of pipes, drains, valves and vents – better known as your plumbing system. How often do you inspect your home’s plumbing system? The answer for most homeowners is: “Not very often.” This is because most individuals don’t know what to…Read More Here!